My artwork is about magical moments in Nature. I grew up and live in South Manchester. Those who know the area, know that the river Mersey and its surrounding banks hold a wealth of endless and changeable beauty.  Most of my work is drawn from this local palette of Didsbury and its seasons. For me, when going for a walk, scenes are like fleeting glimpses of precious treasure.

Walking in the landscape is an invitation to my imagination. Weather always has a particular mood. Tree shapes suggest stories and places murmur a sense of history, folklore, and the people who came before us.

I collect rich colour combinations of the seasons, and see pattern in nature as living playful dances.

I studied Fine art Painting at Chelsea and describe myself a ‘painter’ however I use paint to draw, felt-tip pen to paint, pencil to make marks and photography as a means to collect scenes.

I often combine techniques and materials within one piece.