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This is a collection of scenes, where above any other element ‘Colour’ is the main focus. The galleries contain landscapes, pictures of flowers and objects…but I was responding to the colours when I looked and made the work. Although the painting is of a landscape, it is not about a landscape. The landscape was the setting in which to find the colour. In the past I have tried to describe in words what colour ‘says’…and I realise I can’t. Colours are wordless…yet to me, they speak. Colours do evoke moods, like peace, awe, comfort or excitement, and this for me is the closest way to understand or put words to their inherent wordlessness. Colours in scenes around me bounce off each other. Each colour is unique, but as I see it, together they say something new. They reflect and respond to each other. Colours flow into each other. There can be fusion, tension or harmony just like in a conversation of words.

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